• Business Development

    Content Strategies has all the tools and contacts to help both well established and small companies grow and increase their marketshare.

    Our team is experienced in advising, developing and marketing companies. We have been involved in finding investors, buying and selling companies and selling content at the company, database, or product level.

    We are uniquely qualified to help identify targets for acquisition, participate in the due diligence process and help you create successful long-term strategies for a changing market. We have an extensive network of publishing, venture and angle network to help start-up companies with planning, product launch and management.

    Special Business Services for STM Publishers

    If you are an STM publisher and looking to grow or expand your market, we are uniquely qualified to advise you on all aspects of your growing process. We can play a key role as your confidential partner in that process. We will help you with marketing, selling, negotiating, distribution agreements and finding sales agents in lesser known markets are well are special skills.

    Recent projects include:

    • Advising investment banks on acquisitions targets
    • Working with leading Hedge Fund Company on strategy for their portfolio of long term bonds
    • Working with a venture firm looking to expand into the publishing market
    • Evaluating pricing models for new company products
    • Developing price strategy for a publisher archives product
    • Negotiating the sale of a major database for a university